Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Are You Taking a 360 Approach to Parking Lot Security?

Parking lots and garages can be challenging places to secure. They are typically 1.5 times larger than the facility, with only a small number of people occupying them at any given moment. This creates conditions where individuals can be isolated and criminals can go unseen. Lighting is often inadequate, and parked cars, landscaping and other structures can further decrease visibility.
If guests perceive your parking lot to be a dangerous place, they may visit your competitors instead. For this reason, parking lot security is as much a customer relations and business issue as it is a safety concern.
Follow this 360 comprehensive approach to parking lot security.
      Risk Assessment – Review incident history reports and consult local law enforcement and neighborhood groups to get an accurate representation of the environment. Assess the parking lot for inadequate lighting, maintenance issues and other security concerns.
      Security Officer Patrol – Comprehensive patrolling encompasses hazard management, code of conduct enforcement, customer service assistance, emergency assistance and environment monitoring. Consider various exterior patrolling methods, including vehicle, bicycle, Segway and video patrol.
      Mitigation Strategies – To mitigate many parking lot crimes, ensure that there is adequate lighting, landscaping is trimmed, color coded signage is present, and the area is clean and well maintained. Utilize mobile security towers and emergency call stations if possible.
      Crime Trend Analysis – Analyze incident statistics for trends. This allows security directors to focus patrols based on past knowledge and the likelihood that the trend will continue.
Because every parking facility has its own challenges and risk factors, a one-size-fits-all approach is ineffective. Security teams should monitor crime trends and evaluate the unique aspects of their parking lot when developing their own 360 approach to parking lot security.

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